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Walls Group Home Inspections as one of the most experienced Home Inspection companies provides the most detailed inspections in the Chicagoland area.  
We offer competitive rates for single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, mixed use, light commercial and industrial buildings and more. 

David Walls the owner of Walls Group, Inc. has over 30 years of experience with inspecting thousands of homes.  As a master Home Inspector, providing the experience and knowledge necessary to give you the level of detail that is expected for one of the largest decisions you as a buyer will ever make. 

Walls Group, Inc. is a full time Home Inspection company unlike many competitors that work only part time, with limited experience and capabilities. All of our inspections are performed using HomeGauge Inspection Software which is the highest rated Inspection software in the industry. This software allows us to provide extensive detail, multiple photographs, and even video showing to give you the best and most understandable Inspections in the industry.

Our inspections include at no additional fee the use of Infared camera technology to assist in detection for water intrusion, missing insulation, electrical issues and many other areas of concerns that are not visible to the naked eye. Again putting us above most other Home Inspections.

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Walls Group, Your Home Inspection Specialists 
With over 30 years Inspecting Homes and Commercial Properties provides the Most Professional and Comprehensive Inspections


Selling your home? Have us do a pre-inspection to identify issues that can come up prior to the buyers having their inspector reporting them. 

Pre-Sale Inspections give you an opportunity to identify major & minor issues and correct them before you sell.  This is a very wise thing to do prior to selling so that you can correct items or know what the costs for repairs will be before the buyers start to negotiate a reduction in price.

Additional Services Available

Termite and wood destroying insect inspections are available upon request. **
Radon screening with electronic monitors is available upon request. **

Mold Testing with Air Pump Testing & Tape and Swab Testing **
Air pressure testing of water lines available upon request (testing may be limited due to condition of existing plumbing lines). **

Scoping of Main Drain Line with Video Camera. **

** Indicates additional fees apply.